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In-person absentee voting at Union Station through Nov. 2

Welcome - Making democracy work for 100 years - 1920-2020

The League of Women Voters of Kansas City, Jackson, Clay Platte Counties (LWVKCJCP) is an active, nonpartisan organization. Hallmarks of the organization include registering and educating voters, informative, timely meetings and actively working on issues. We neither support nor o
ppose candidates or political parties, but we do work on legislation and policies of concern to members and the public.

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New law expands options for absentee and mail-in voting for the 2020 elections.  
  • Any voter  who has or is at-risk for contracting or spreading COVID-19 may cast an absentee ballot without a notary.
  • Any voter can vote by mail in 2020 with a notary seal.
Visit the Absentee Voting page

Free Notary Services

Local LWV Notaries Public

KC and Surrounding Area Notaries

MOVPC Notary Hub

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KC Community Centers

Notary Events

*  Every  Saturday thru Oct. 17, 2-3:30pm at Prospero's Books, 1800 W. 39 St. KCMO.

Saturdays at Prosperos

*  Saturdays and Sund
ays in October
11:00 AM until 1:00 PM at 
City Market of Kansas City.

Look for the blue Education Services.

City Market of KC website

5th and Walnut
Kansas City, MO  64106

Find Your Ballot

We're activating early, so you can vote early.  Get your personalized sample ballot from NOW 

Click the link below and make your decision before heading to the polls. 

Voter Information

2020 Voter Guide

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Upcoming Events
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LWV Right Now

Have a question?  Call 816-464-1800.

November 3 Election Timetable

* NOW 
Request an absentee or mail-in ballot if you plan to mail your ballot. Click here  to learn more about voting options in 2020. 

* NOW 
If you're ready, you can vote absentee in person or mail your ballot today. 

NOW is up early, so you can vote early.   Go to  to learn about candidates and issues.

October 27 
Mail your ballot today to be sure it arrives by Election Day and will be counted. 

November 3 
Wear a mask and maintain physical distance when you go to the polls.  

Need help with the Census? 
The Kansas City Public Library is hosting events through September 30 to assist Kansas City residents in completing their census. Click on the button below  to learn more and to find an event near you.  

KC Library Census Outreach

Early Absentee Voting


Absentee Satellite Polls open in Kansas City on October 13 & 14: 

Three Satellite absentee voting locations will open for walk-in absentee voting on Tuesday, October 13, and one additional satellite will open October 14, 2020.

Check for times/locations here


In-Person Absentee Voting  by Election Authority:

 Cass County

Kansas City is the only Election Authority that has Satellite locations for early in-person voting; all other Election authorities have in-person at the Election Board Office

Election Protection

Are you busy Nov. 3? 
If not, the League can use your help

Volunteers are needed statewide to protect the vote in the November Elections. Trainingskick off this week!

Programs are contactless or remote. Volunteers needed during absentee voting period and on Election Day.

Sign up 
here. The following roles are needed:
  • Legal - respond to issues called into hotline (remote)
  • Poll Monitor - monitor poll, assist voters (contactless)
  • Roving Poll Monitor - visit a series of polls and document conditions (contactless)
  • Social Media Monitor - track voter issues and misinformation on social media (remote)
Sign up at

Election Protection Office Hours & Workshop Every Friday at 2

Its an informal weekly space to workshop issues and ask questions, with various workshop themes each week.

Know others who want to participate in Election Protection? Sign up for Election Protection at Volunteer opportunities - including legal support, poll monitor, roving monitor and social media monitor - are contactless or remote. 

Census 2020


The League is a national partner with the census. Every Missouri person, child, woman and man, represents $1700 in Federal funds. Click here to find census forms.  

 Census 2020

And if you need some help, click on the button below to learn about the Kansas City Library's 2020 Census outreach events. 

KC Library Census Outreach

Census 101: What You Need To Know

Offers a refresher of the 2020 Census and why it is important.

Fact Sheet on Where to Count Yourself

Explains where you should count yourself if you have not yet responded to the 2020 Census.

Fact Sheet for Responding to the Census Online

Outlines how to respond to the 2020 Census online safely and easily.

Fact Sheet for Homeless Audiences

Explains the importance of the 2020 Census and how persons experiencing homelessness can respond.

Handout About Why We Ask Each 2020 Census Question

Explains why each question is asked on the 2020 Census and how those responses are used.


Amendment 3

League Opposes Amendment 3

Two courts recently ruled that the ballot language proposed by legislators in SJR38 was intended to mislead voters. The court’s new language for Amendment 3 asks voters to amend the Constitution to 

1) Ban gifts from paid lobbyists to legislators and their employees; 
2) Reduce legislative campaign contribution limits; and 
3) Change the redistricting process voters approved in 2018.

League members preferred language drafted by Cole County Circuit Court Judge Joyce that made clear that Clean Missouri capped lobbyists gifts at $5. Amendment 3 only limits campaign contributions for Senate candidates and by just $100.

Voters in every state senate district approved Clean Missouri in 2018. The measure changed the redistricting process to have a non-partisan demographer use mapping software to propose legislative district maps that would be more fair and competitive. Clean Missouri also added strong language to protect minority communities from vote dilution. Experts say Amendment 3 would not just overturn the changes voters approved two years ago, it would allow twice the level of gerrymandering typically described as “severe.” 

Hidden in Amendment 3 is language that could make Missouri the only state not using the total population count when drawing legislative districts. Instead, maps could be based on the number of eligible voters. That would leave out 1.5 million Missouri children, as well as immigrants and international students. Click here for a study by the Brennan Center for Justice that says it would be a serious obstacle to communities of color receiving fair representation.

The fiscal note for Amendment 3 says “Individual local governmental entities expect significant decreased revenues of a total unknown amount.” Click here to read the fine print. For more information, go to


Action alerts - Write or call your legislator 

From time to time the League will notify members via an e-mail when there's a hot topic and we need to quickly inform our legislators of our concerns. Follow your personal legislative interests by using Fast Democracy (free). 

 Find My Elected Officials 

Join us

The League of Women Voters has been working for democracy since women gained suffrage, the vote, in 1920. We invite you to take a look at our programs and activities. There's a place for everyone - from interested observers to members in the thick of helping craft policy. 

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